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2010-2020 Ford F150 Raptor

Freedom Motorsports offers just about anything you might want for your Ford Raptor. Performance upgrades such as intakes, exhausts, suspensions, custom tuning, bed covers and much much more! If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know at

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2010 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications

Raptor released with 5.4L only Job 1 builds
6.2 released Job 2 in mid 2010. 5.4L phased out completely after 2010 model year.
All 2010 Raptors are SuperCabs
Available Colors in 2010:
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Molten Orange
  • Blue Flame Metallic
  • Oxford White
2011 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications
SuperCrew model introduced with 4 fullsize doors and new hood graphics
6.2L Boss V-8 became standard on all F150 Raptors, retiring the 5.4L V-8. 
Available Colors In 2011:
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Molten Orange
  • Blue Flame Metallic
  • Oxford White
  • Ingot Silver Metallic
  • Ebony Black (only a few - because of Japanese tsunami some of the color tints were at a shortage and Tuxedo (metallic) Black was substituted 
2012 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications
  • Torsen front differential became optional equipment (full differential lockup at a predetermined amount of slip is detected).
  • Front camera system added to optional equipment. 
  • Slight interior and exterior styling changes for 2012 model years, distinguishing them from previous years, blue accent interior replaced orange accent interior option 
  • Cooled seats become standard with the optional luxury interior package.
  • "Digital Mud Graphics" replaced by RAPTOR bedside graphics introduced
  • Molten Orange Color was eliminated as an option and was replaced with Race Red
  • Blue Accent interior replaces Orange Accent Interior option 
Available Colors In 2012 - all the same except Race Red replacing Molten Orange.
2013 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Technical Specifications
  • Color Terrain (desert sand) added (all else the same)
  • HID headlights available as option
  • Forged Beadlock SVT wheels available
  • 4.10 rear end gears
  • 6R80 6 speed auto transmission (6 speed - 800 lb/ft rated)
Assembly Plant:
Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan
Engine/Drivetrain Technical Specifications
  • 5.4L 3v V-8 (available for 2010 model years only).
  • 6.2L 2v Boss V-8 (optional in 2010, standard on 2011+ model years).
Rated Horsepower:
  • 310 hp @ 5,000 rpm (5.4L). 
  • 411 hp @ 5,500 rpm (6.2L).
Rated Torque:
  • 365 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm (5.4L). 
  • 434 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm (6.2L).
6-speed automatic transmission 
  • 1st gear ratio 4.17 : 1 
  • 2nd gear ratio 2.34 : 1 
  • 3rd gear ratio 1.52 : 1 
  • 4th gear ratio 1.14 : 1
  • 5th gear ratio 0.86 : 1
  • 6th gear ratio 0.69 : 1 
  • Reverse gear ratio 3.40 : 1
4.10 axle ratios, rear electronic locking differential.
Ground Clearance:
9.5" front, 9.3" rear.
Front Suspension:
Internal bypass Fox Racing Shox, coil over, double wishbone independent with aluminum lower control arm and forged steel upper control arm.
Rear Suspension:
Internal bypass Fox Racing Shox, solid axle with leaf springs.
17" cast aluminum wheels w/ machined finish, 35" LT315/70/R17 BSW all-terrain tires.
  • Front 13.8" disc with vented rotors. 
  • Rear 13.7" disc with vented rotors.
Max GCWR :
  • 12,500 lbs (SuperCab).
  • 14,700 lbs (SuperCrew).
Max Payload:
  • 920 lbs (SuperCab).
  • 1,020 lbs (SuperCrew).
Max Towing:
  • 6,000 lbs (SuperCab).
  • 8,000 lbs (SuperCrew).
Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Torque Specifications
A full list of the torque specs for everything on the Raptor SVT
Ford Raptor SVT Torque Specifications NM lb-ft lb-in

Rear Suspension

Shock absorber nuts 90 66 N/A
Shock absorber shield bolts (Fox shock guard) 4 N/A 35
Spring shackle-to-frame nut 185 136 N/A
Spring-to-frame nut 350 258 N/A
Spring-to-shackle nut 185 136 N/A
Leaf Spring U-bolt Nuts Torque To Yield, Consult Ford Service For Instructions

Jounce bumper-to-frame bolt 35 26 N/A

Front Suspension NM lb-ft lb-in
Brake caliper anchor plate bolts 250 184 N/A Locktite
Brake disc shield bolts 17 N/A 150
Brake hose bracket bolt 30 22 N/A
Halfshaft nut 27 20 N/A
Integrated Wheel End (IWE) bolts 15 N/A 133
Lower arm forward and rearward nuts 350 258 N/A
Lower ball joint nut 150 111 N/A
Shock absorber lower nut 550 406 N/A
Shock absorber upper mount nuts 40 30 N/A
Shock rod nut 55 41 N/A
Skid plate bolts 48 35 N/A
Stabilizer bar bracket nuts 55 41 N/A
Stabilizer bar link nuts 80 59 N/A
Tie-rod end nut 115 85 N/A
Upper arm-to-frame nuts 150 111 N/A
Upper ball joint nut 115 85 N/A
Wheel bearing and wheel hub bolts 175 129 N/A
Wheel speed sensor bolt 18 N/A 159
Wheel speed sensor harness bracket bolt 12 N/A 106

Rear Brakes NM lb-ft lb-in
Axle vent valve 18 N/A 159
Brake caliper bleeder screw 20 N/A 177
Brake caliper flow bolt 40 30 N/A
Brake caliper guide pin bolt 30 22 N/A
Brake caliper support bracket bolts 165 122 N/A LOCKTITE
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-axle bolt 30 22 N/A
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-frame bolt 17 N/A 150
Brake noise damper 14 N/A 124
Brake tube fitting 17 N/A 150

Front Brakes NM lb-ft lb-in
Brake caliper anchor plate bolts 250 184 N/A
Brake caliper flow bolt 40 30 N/A
Brake caliper guide pin bolt 37 27 N/A
Brake disc shield bolts 18 N/A 159
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-frame bolt 17 N/A 150
Brake flexible hose bracket-to-wheel knuckle bolt 30 22 N/A
Brake tube fitting 17 N/A 150
Drive Shafts

Driveshaft flange bolts 103 76 N/A LOCKTITE
Front flange-to-pinion flange bolts 55 41 N/A LOCHTITE

Bumpers NM lb-ft lb-in
Frame mounting bracket-to-front bumper nuts 115 85 N/A
Front bumper cover-to-fender bolts 3 N/A 27
Front bumper cover-to-radiator support bolts 3 N/A 27
Rear bumper nuts 175 129 N/A
Rear harness ground bolt 10 N/A 89
Tow hook bolts 115 85 N/A

Lug nuts NM lb-ft lb-in
Start by hand, tighten in star pattern to 204 150 N/A

Bed bolts NM lb-ft lb-in
Bed box to frame 80 59 N/A

Spark plugs NM lb-ft lb-in
5.4 *8 plugs 12 N/A 106
6.2 *16 plugs 12 N/A 106

Drain plugs NM lb-ft lb-in
Oil drain plug both 5.4 and 6.2 23 17 N/A
Capacity, both 5.4 and 6.2, 5w20, 7 quarts with filter R&R.
Oil filter Ford Part #FL-820S

Front diff fill plug, Capacity, premium 80w-90 gear lube, 1.70L/3.6pt 25 18 N/A
Rear diff fill plug, Capacity, Synthetic 75w-140, 2.84L/6.0 pt 30 22 N/A
To drain the oil on the diffs, the cover needs to come off.

Differential cover NM lb-ft lb-in
Rear differential housing cover bolts 45 33 N/A
Front differential housing cover bolts 32 24 N/A
Transfer case

Drain plug 15 N/A 33
Fill Plug 15 n/a 33
Capacity Motorcraft Transfer Case Fluid
XL-12 (Ford's fancy name for ATF fluid), 1.4L/2.9 pt

Fuel Tank NM lb-ft lb-in
Fuel pump module cover nuts 9 N/A 80
Fuel tank skid plate nuts 20 N/A 177
Fuel tank support strap bolts 47 35 N/A

Power Steering System NM lb-ft lb-in
Inner tie rods 120 89 N/A
Oil drip shield bolts 7 N/A 62
Outer tie-rod end nuts 115 85 N/A
Power steering fluid reservoir stud bolt 8 N/A 71
Power steering pump bolts and stud bolt 25 18 N/A
Pressure line bracket-to-crossmember bolt 7 N/A 62
Pressure line bracket-to-engine nut 40 30 N/A
Pressure line-to-pump fitting 75 55 N/A
Steering column shaft-to-steering gear bolt 30 22 N/A
Steering gear nuts and bolts 440 325 N/A
Steering gear turn tubes clamp plate bolt 11 N/A 97
Steering line clamp plate bolt 23 17 N/A
Tie-rod jam nuts 103 76 N/A
Turn tube banjo bolt dampers 43 32 N/A